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I LOVE country music and couldn't imagine being anywhere else but right here at WAYZ. If you've ever listen while I'm on the air, if only for a moment, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to be "entertaining" you for many years to come. As always, thanks for being part of the show!

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Posts from May 2013
by Tiny posted May 28 2013 9:06AM
You may remember Kmart's last ad campaign about "shipping your pants." That ad went viral and was GENIUS.  Well, they're back and better than ever!  Try this one!

Click here to see the new ad.
by Tiny posted May 24 2013 9:01AM
It's a well-known fact that MOST men are relatively easy to please.  Here are five ways to surprise your man...

1.  Give Him an Unexpected Compliment.  A few suggestions included, quote, "I love it when you can open jars [for me]" . . . "I think you look sexy when you clean the gutters" . . . and, "Have you seen your [backside] when you take out the trash?"
2.  Shower with Him.  And specifically, WASH him.  One Reddit user claimed it will, quote, "wash the stress away, relax his mind, [and] fill him with amazing thoughts [and] deep appreciation."  Adding that there's no need for it to be sexual.
3.  Give Him Food.  Suggestions got pretty specific, including a bag of potato chips, tacos, muffins, chocolate cake, or a Nestle Crunch bar.  So in other words, pretty much any surprise that involves food.
4.  Give Him an Unexpected Massage.  Some guys said shoulder and back massages are best.  Others suggested a head massage, foot massage, or calf massage.
5.  Hug Him from Behind.  Actually, a BUNCH of guys agreed with that one, and one even stipulated that he likes, quote, "random hugs from behind when sitting or standing.  Then a kiss on the neck."
by Tiny posted May 17 2013 8:19AM
I need to preface the following statement. I LOVE my country and I greatly respect our national anthem. That being said, I have a question.

A couple weeks ago, I attended/hosted an event. Prior to the event, the national anthem was played. It got me to thinking that our national anthem is played for countless, random events. It reminds me of when people say, "when you say 'I love you' ALL the time, it becomes mere recitation." 

If my thinking is accurate, it poses the quandary of when/where DO you play it.

Again, I'm not offended/upset when it's played; I'm simply concerned that it gets tossed around out of habit rather than significance.
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by Tiny posted May 1 2013 10:57AM
Don't ask me why, but I find these fraud stories fascinating.  I found one last week about "Press Your Luck."  This week, I found one about the British version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."  Give it a watch. How do the producers not notice stuff like this going on right under their noses?!
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