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Tori Anderson

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Stuff that matters~family, friends, faith.

Stuff that don’t~designer stuff, the latest, coolest anything. Who decides that anyway?

Favorites~a good song, a good drink, a good back rub.

Totally unfavorites~arrogance & hatred, liars and "dig me's", people that pee on the seat. I hate that!

About work~
I am so very fortunate to work in radio, and I work with some really great people. Who wouldn’t love playin’ music and talkin’ all day for a livin’?

When it comes to music, for me it’s really all about the song. Bluegrass, old time gospel and country. Stuff by Hank, Merle, Patsy and Willie. I dig Johnny Cash and Radney Foster, Asleep at the Wheel, Keith Urban and Lee Ann Womack, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church and Possum Holler.

Music has been a part of my life since I was a little girl and, I have my beautiful parents to thank for that. I hope the pure, emotionally raw joy I get out of singing, writing and performing is obvious.

There’s nothing like sitting outside in the early morning, on a peachy summer day, listening to the birds sing, and takin’ in the sweet summer smell of lilac, honeysuckle and wisteria.

There’s nothin’ like the hugs I get from my kids.

Because nothing, nothing means more to me than the people I love. 

I sincerely hope that I’m an inspiration and a blessing to others. So many have been that for me.

Be an organ donor
Be enthusiastic.
Be compassionate.
Be the difference.


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Posts from June 2013
by Tori Anderson posted Jun 17 2013 3:56PM
what is scleroderma? this is the short version. i have so much more to share...

scleroderma is a big mishmash of incurable stuff. i have systemic diffuse scleroderma. it is the hardening and thickening of the organs, including skin. for me, it means pain, it means sleepless nights, restless days and restless legs, it means that i can no longer do some of the simple things most of us take for granted. i can’t put my hands over my head and need help getting dressed. i have trouble putting my socks on and tying my shoes. i have trouble brushing my teeth and trouble chewing. i can’t bite into a sandwich and, i sometimes choke on even the smallest bite of food, sometimes i choke on air. it means that whenever i take a drink, inevitably whatever i’m drinking, is going to dribble down the side of my cup and my mouth. it means that i look like a ninety year old smoker and i’ve never smoked. it means the loss of mobility and my hair, and the ends of my fingers. it means poor circulation and painful ulcers. it means monthly blood tests and lots of pills that haven’t been proven to really help, and not knowing from one doctor visit to the next what’s going to happen. it means that despite having health insurance, i have mounting medical bills and that sometimes they will be turned over to a collection agency because i’m just not paying them fast enough. it means that i tire easily and that i’m always tired. it means loss of strength and it means that i’m sad, it also means that i've learned to be stronger than i ever imagined i could be and that i smile more, especially when i don’t feel like it. it means that i look different and that i look at things differently, it means that i have scars, some that you can see and some that are hidden somewhere behind my eyes. it means that i might spend my entire ride into work with tears running down a face that i sometimes wish that i could hide and, it means that unless you stop by my house unannounced on a hot day, that you will never see me without a long sleeved shirt covering the bones that were once considered my arms. it means that my struggles are many but so are my blessings. and, that matters.

to be continued...

tori... a merle girl
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by Tori Anderson posted Jun 12 2013 9:56AM
every once in awhile, you see something that you know was meant to be seen. sorry if that doesn't make sense, but hang with me for a minute and it'll (hopefully) all come togetrher.

the pastor of the church i attend, lost his mother a few years ago. and, for anyone that's lost their mom, you  know that mother's day can be tough.  as our minister reminenced from the pulpit about his mother's potato salad, a large yellow butterfly floated back and forth across the window. you know what they say about butterflies... and with the fact that it was yellow (like potato salad), i took it as a sign that his mom was letting him know she was there.

so, i made a mental note to tell him about it after the sermon. and while during the sermon when he mentioned sitting on his mother's lap & that same butterfly appeared again... just let me tell ya, goosebumps!

you see, the minister couldn't see the window because he faces the congregation. but from where i sit, the window is straight ahead, allowing me full view of the beauty that appears on the outside. and on this day, my preacher's mother appeared not once, but twice as a delicate butterfly.

i could hardly wait til the preachin' was over because i was so excited about the butterfly. when i finally had the chance to tell him, his eyes filled with tears. for me, it was another goosebump moment.

i believe.

have you ever received a sign like that? not a "here's your sign" kind of moment but, a sign that someone was somehow letting you know that they were there.

tori... a merle girl
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by Tori Anderson posted Jun 6 2013 3:22PM
that you could legally throw some of those nail spikes in front of one of those cars that speed by your house all loud and obnoxious?

i do.

and, i admit that on occasion i have been loud and obnoxious in return. only difference is the little punk can't hear me :/

tori... a merle girl
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by Tori Anderson posted Jun 4 2013 3:25PM
middle school is tough enough without embarrassing moments. clearly red faced, this young man simply carries on. respectively. high fives all around.

tori... a merle girl
as hard as i tried, i couldn't get the video link to post direct. you'll need to copy the link and open it.

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