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Stuff that matters~family, friends, faith.

Stuff that don’t~designer stuff, the latest, coolest anything. Who decides that anyway?

Favorites~a good song, a good drink, a good back rub.

Totally unfavorites~arrogance & hatred, liars and "dig me's", people that pee on the seat. I hate that!

About work~
I am so very fortunate to work in radio, and I work with some really great people. Who wouldn’t love playin’ music and talkin’ all day for a livin’?

When it comes to music, for me it’s really all about the song. Bluegrass, old time gospel and country. Stuff by Hank, Merle, Patsy and Willie. I dig Johnny Cash and Radney Foster, Asleep at the Wheel, Keith Urban and Lee Ann Womack, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church and Possum Holler.

Music has been a part of my life since I was a little girl and, I have my beautiful parents to thank for that. I hope the pure, emotionally raw joy I get out of singing, writing and performing is obvious.

There’s nothing like sitting outside in the early morning, on a peachy summer day, listening to the birds sing, and takin’ in the sweet summer smell of lilac, honeysuckle and wisteria.

There’s nothin’ like the hugs I get from my kids.

Because nothing, nothing means more to me than the people I love. 

I sincerely hope that I’m an inspiration and a blessing to others. So many have been that for me.

Be an organ donor
Be enthusiastic.
Be compassionate.
Be the difference.


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Posts from July 2013
by Tori Anderson posted Jul 29 2013 3:27PM
tori... a merle girl
by Tori Anderson posted Jul 23 2013 11:08AM
taken from a recent facebook post by brotha bill

Scleroderma is a rare disease.. but it's still amazing to me how we keep learning of more people that have it. When Tori, Joe Dill, a handful of others suffering with the disease and couple family /friends started the walk with tori (Tori's Walk); our hope was that Wayz's Tori Anderson mini regional following from the band Possum Holler and her being a well known radio personality might bring attention to the unknown disease and the need for a cure. For two years now the "Walk with Tori" has done just that, introducing the 4 state region to the terrible word scleoderma, and more understanding about it as well as sending over $70,000 to the Scleroderma Center. We've also had 100's of friends and family attend the Sunday event and countless businesses donate to the cause.

This event isn't about my sister -in -law Tori. It is about 300,000 people who have the potential for an early demise because of scleroderma.. It's about the growing # of people she's met that have the disease (she can name them) and those that she's seen lost. (she can name them too). It's about the families that are seeing the pain of it and it's about how much we see Tori care about this and keep going in spite of her own pain... Okay, for our family it is about Tori.. and how we want her to be cured.

She and a few others suffering with the disease put the walk together.. Tori's name is on it by strategy and so I am sure she feels the pressure every year for it to be successful. Success is based on how much money as we can get to the Scleroderma Center in Pittsburgh.. (Our main goal) We want the work that the Doctors are doing there to continue. They have made headway and they are our Hope! The work they are doing could also benefit many others with autoimmune diseases so this could be far reaching.

We need all the support we can get.. The Walk with Tori group is not huge..maybe less than 8 people, trying their best to do a good thing. Any and all help is welcomed and appreciated and most of all, come out September 8th to the Walk with Tori.

brotha bill 

tori... a merle girl
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by Tori Anderson posted Jul 15 2013 3:27PM
the following is re-posted with permission from it's writer. it is about the positive effects of having scleroderma. special thanks to lidka for sharing her beautiful thoughts with us.

It is hard to think about anything positive related to scleroderma, but... if we forget about our pain, various debilitating attacks, the inconveniences, destruction of careers and sometimes relationships, which were precipitated by this illness, then there are some things which are definitely positive.

For me, the most positive outcome is that I have found new friends to whom I can relate and feel very comfortable with.
We understand one another better than those 'outside of scleroderma world', but also, I am no longer lonely with my disease. I found some remarkable friends through our scleroderma support group, whom I would not have had a chance to meet otherwise. Some are fellow patients, and some are their relatives, or volunteers who are selflessly giving their time to help us.  And to me that expansion of my world is truly the most positive result of having scleroderma.  

Scleroderma taught me to live every moment to the fullest, because I have now deeper awareness of ephemeral character of life. I value time more than before. I appreciate small good things happening to me, (like proverbial 'smelling the roses') more than before. In short, I am wiser.

The other 'positive' is of course a deeper understanding of people with other debilitating illnesses  like MS, Lupus, UC, RA, various cancers, and many others.

In my case I also better understand people who are frail, weak, frequently in pain, which they do not broadcast to the rest of the world, but silently endure. 

Before scleroderma appeared in my life, the phrase 'to be tired' had different meaning for me. It meant, I was tired, but still had some reserves to go on, and what was the best, after some sleep and rest, I could expect to get up and live like I did before. But scleroderma revealed to me how devastating the real fatigue can be, and taught me the true meaning of the expression: 'I am tired'.

Therefore I understand those old people who are visibly in some pain, who are obviously tired, who walk slowly, rest frequently and still smile apologetically to people around them and even more, somehow are able to find words of encouragement for younger, stronger folks, who are in some fleeting distress. Those old people who suffer themselves, have remarkable capacity to offer love and understanding to others, because they've acquired their wisdom not from some books, but at the Department of Suffering of the University of Life. I have some people like that in my social landscape and now, that I am ill myself, I am also more able to learn from them.

Scleroderma is a cruel but effective teacher of compassion, empathy and of greater understanding of the suffering of others. We are more forgiving now. True, we ourselves suffer, but we now are acutely aware of the enormity of suffering in the world around us...  and as a result of this awareness we can sometimes extend to them, metaphorically speaking, a helpful arm or at least a smile. And this gesture makes the world better place to live for all of us.

tori... a merle girl
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by Tori Anderson posted Jul 9 2013 3:38PM
I just found a piece of gum in my jacket pocket. I’m not sure if it was actually a leftover piece of gum or an already chewed and waiting to be disposed of piece of gum. Either way, it didn’t matter. Yes, it was kind of wadded up but, it came out of the wrapper easy enough so, I chewed it. And I’m pretty sure it was for the second time.

Tori… a merle girl

by Tori Anderson posted Jul 3 2013 3:18PM
by Tori Anderson posted Jul 2 2013 8:50AM
no matter what...

please do not give up on them. some kids present a huge challenge for those around them. they may not listen or sit still. they might not be able to focus on one thing for any length of time. it's probably pretty chaotic for you and, for those looking in from the outside but, i wonder how much chaos the child feels? especially, when someone throws their hands in the air and says, "i can't do this anymore", or "please don't bring your child to summer camp, they're too disruptive", or well, you get the picture.

if as adults, we give up on helping a child reach their full potential, then (and this is only my opinion), we have no right to complain if that child ends up in a prison funded by our tax dollars. if we have ever said that a child will not amount to anything, then we are part of the problem. if we fail to give a child our absolute best, then we are part of the problem. if the well-behaved kid is not encouraged to interact with the not so well-behaved one's, we are contributing to the selfish neglect of their future.

because if we're not responsible, who is? if we give up because a kid is too much trouble, because he or she is just not worth the extra effort, then we are not doing our part to make someone's life a little better. we all need hope. even the kid... especially the kid that might appear hopeless. 

every child is a gift. don't give up on them. no matter what.

tori... a merle girl
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