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Stuff that matters~family, friends, faith.

Stuff that don’t~designer stuff, the latest, coolest anything. Who decides that anyway?

Favorites~a good song, a good drink, a good back rub.

Totally unfavorites~arrogance & hatred, liars and "dig me's", people that pee on the seat. I hate that!

About work~
I am so very fortunate to work in radio, and I work with some really great people. Who wouldn’t love playin’ music and talkin’ all day for a livin’?

When it comes to music, for me it’s really all about the song. Bluegrass, old time gospel and country. Stuff by Hank, Merle, Patsy and Willie. I dig Johnny Cash and Radney Foster, Asleep at the Wheel, Keith Urban and Lee Ann Womack, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church and Possum Holler.

Music has been a part of my life since I was a little girl and, I have my beautiful parents to thank for that. I hope the pure, emotionally raw joy I get out of singing, writing and performing is obvious.

There’s nothing like sitting outside in the early morning, on a peachy summer day, listening to the birds sing, and takin’ in the sweet summer smell of lilac, honeysuckle and wisteria.

There’s nothin’ like the hugs I get from my kids.

Because nothing, nothing means more to me than the people I love. 

I sincerely hope that I’m an inspiration and a blessing to others. So many have been that for me.

Be an organ donor
Be enthusiastic.
Be compassionate.
Be the difference.


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Posts from October 2013
by Tori Anderson posted Oct 25 2013 9:47AM
i spend about 50 minutes driving into work every morning and i encounter all sorts of, how can i put this kindly... idiots, jerks, you get the idea. i'm a cautious driver. i'm not aggressive or angry. i leave my home early so that i have plenty of time to actually get to work. it's not my fault if someone else doesn't so, that person doesn't need to be flashing their lights and their fingers at me or anyone else. and don't even get me started on those cars that continually swerve behind another one, because they need to see... what?! and, those people that don't yield to traffic; seroiusly, it's a good thing i'm not a cop. this morning, i'm in the middle yield lane, which forces those of us who actually value our lives and the lives of others to REALLY pay attention, when a huge truck came barreling down the ramp with no intention of yielding. EXCUSE ME, i'm a little car!

they say, it takes all kinds. i say, it don't take all kinds, we just got all kinds.

"peter built" a truck for a man to drive. not the biblical term for a donkey...

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Location : Maine
by Tori Anderson posted Oct 23 2013 3:10PM

by Tori Anderson posted Oct 11 2013 2:41PM

by Tori Anderson posted Oct 4 2013 9:53AM
a nine year old boy needed emergency surgery, and the surgeon needed to perform the task was not in the hospital at the time but, got there as soon as he reveived word. when he arrived, the boys father was furious that it took the doctor so long. he began to rant, going on and on about the situation. the doctor simply replied, please try to stay calm and pray for your child, as he walked toward the operating room. the surgery was a success and the doctor was very happy. he hurried to tell the boys father that things went well and, that his son would be fine but, he also hurried on out the door, telling the dad that the nurse would be by shortly. again, the boys father was insanely angry that the doctor didn't take the time to explain the situation himself. the nurse said to the man, the doctor just saved your son's life. the reason he wasn't here when your son arrived at the hospital is beacuse he was making arrangements to bury his son. you see, his son was killed in a car accident... he is off in a hurry to bury his child.

by Tori Anderson posted Oct 2 2013 9:34AM
ava~would you like to have one of my pretty bracelets?
me~well sure, i would love to have one of your bracelets.
ava~which one would you like to borrow?
me~okay, how 'bout "that" one?
ava~um, no but, how about "this" one?
me~thank you, i love it!
ava~then no, how about "this" one?

i love kids. they make me giggle.

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