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I've been a night person all my life and this is the first time anyone's appreciated it! I was born in Philadelphia and lived many years in the Baltimore area. I've loved radio since I was a kid and consider myself extremely lucky to do it for a living. I'm a 2002 graduate of the DC campus of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, I'm a writer, musician and cartoonist in my free time. And I'm a huge fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and Sixers as well as the Maryland Terrapins.
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You've Got Mail...JK

by JD posted Jul 29 2014 11:09PM
Remember when you were a little kid and getting mail was the most exciting thing in the world?  And now that you're an adult and all you get is junk mail and bills, it's zero percent exciting?  This guy never lost that childlike sense of wonder. 27-year-old Aaron Bernard Smith of Ocala, Florida saw the mailman skip right past his house on Monday . . . so he ran up to the truck to ask why. The mailman told Aaron there wasn't any mail for him that day.  And that made Aaron SO ANGRY that he started BEATING the mailman. He punched him at least three times, then walked away, grabbed a broken chair, and threw it at the truck. Aaron was arrested and charged with burglary, battery, and criminal mischief.  But hey, if you're looking for a prison pen pal who's going to be really excited to hear from you, we've got your guy.
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08/01/2014 11:09PM
You've Got Mail...JK
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