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Very Superstitious?!

It’s Friday the 13th, and the only one this year.  The next one isn’t until January.  So, do you think it matters, or is it just another day?  A new poll found one in five people DO think it’s unlucky.  How many of these other things are you afraid of?



1.  Walking under a ladder?  21% of us think it causes bad luck.


2.  Stepping on a crack?  12%.


3.  Breaking a mirror?  21% think it’s unlucky.


4.  Black cats?  15%.


5.  Seeing an owl?  10% think it’s a sign something bad will happen.


6.  Opening an umbrella indoors?  19% think it’s unlucky.


7.  The number 6-6-6?  21% are superstitious about it.


8.  Being on the 13th floor of a building?  Ironically, 13% think it’s unlucky.


9.  Passing a cemetery without holding your breath?  8% think it causes bad luck.  And 6% say the same about tunnels.


10.  White lighters?  8% think they’re unlucky.

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