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Hollywood Happenings -Thanksgiving Edition

Hollywood Happenings -Thanksgiving Edition

Nobody watches the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the train wrecks . . . but every once in a while we get one.  The “Hollywood Reporter” put together a list of 13 times the parade WENT WRONG.

Here are seven examples:

1.  Mighty Mouse goes down:  The balloon hit a street sign and crumpled to the ground in 1956.

2.  Superman loses an arm:  During the 1985 parade, One of Superman’s arms snagged on a tree branch and was torn off.

3.  Kermit hangs his head:  In 1991, Kermit hit a tree, causing his head to become partially deflated, so it looked like he was just staring down at the street.  One of the commentators even said, quote, “Today Kermit is just a little bit sad.”

4.  The Cat in the Hat puts a woman in a coma:  During a windy 1997 parade, the Cat in the Hat struck a lamppost, which fell over and fractured a woman’s skull.  She was in a coma for a month.

5.  Barney gets ripped apart:  The same wind that caused the Cat in the Hat accident tore Barney the Dinosaur apart.  He had to be deflated and removed from the parade.

6.  An M&M gave a woman stitches:  In 2005, an M&M balloon snagged a pole in Times Square, then hit a streetlight.  Broken parts from the light hit and injured two sisters.  One of them needed stitches in the back of her head.

7.  Scotty McCreery gets caught faking it:  Everyone pretty much knows the performers on those floats lip-sync, but that doesn’t mean they like getting caught.  In 2011, Scotty missed his cue and started “singing” after the song had already begun.

(You can see the rest of their list here.)

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