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Random fact Tuesday

Here are some random facts for your Tuesday!


1.  At depths of 1,000 feet, water pressure can reach about 440 pounds per square inch.  Pressure like that would crumple most human lungs immediately upon exposure, resulting in instant death.



2.  If Brooklyn were its own city and not just a borough of New York, it would be the fourth largest city in the country.



3.  “Titanic” was in movie theaters for so long, it became the first movie ever to come out on VHS while it was still being shown in theaters.



4.  William Howard Taft is the only president who went on to serve on the Supreme Court.  He was picked for the court eight years after being president.



5.  Denny’s isn’t named after anyone.  It started as a donut shop called Danny’s Donuts in Lakewood, California . . . and the founders picked “Danny” because it started with a “D,” like donuts.



They eventually changed the name to Denny’s because people were confusing it with another chain called Coffee Dan’s . . . and that name stuck.

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