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The Random Rundown


1.  Mississippi is the only state where it is NOT illegal to drink and drive . . . however, your blood alcohol level still needs to be below the legal limit of .08%.



2.  America won the first gold medal in modern Olympics history.  In 1896 in Greece, an American track star named James Connolly won the first event, the triple jump.



Technically he got a silver medal, since there weren’t gold medals at that Olympics . . . but since he got first place, he’s been retroactively given a gold.



3.  Small spiders have brains that are too big for their heads . . . so it actually spills into their body and legs.



4.  There are no term limits for vice president.  So in theory, different presidents COULD keep picking the same person to be vice president . . . but obviously it’s never happened.



5.  The song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was originally called “Vampires in Love”.

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