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Uh-oh, URINE trouble!



A guy in Utah named Caleb Wood ordered Chick-fil-A through Grubhub the other day.  A sandwich meal, with fries and a milkshake.  And the food itself was okay.

But instead of a milkshake . . . he got a warm cup of PEE.

It turned out the driver likes to save time by not taking bathroom breaks.  He uses empty cups to relieve himself in his car instead.  And he accidentally gave Caleb the wrong Styrofoam cup.

Unfortunately, Caleb didn’t realize it until he took a SIP.   He says he immediately became physically ill.

He called the driver back.  There’s a video of them meeting in the driveway, and Caleb was pretty calm considering.

He reached out to Grubhub and says they took four days to get back to him . . . then issued a PARTIAL refund.   His meal was $25, and they only returned $18.  They didn’t refund the fees, or the driver’s tip.

Grubhub said in a statement that they’ve been “following up” with Caleb to apologize, and that the driver no longer works for them.

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