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The Random Rundown


1.  Winston Churchill had a doctor’s note to drink “unlimited” alcohol in Prohibition America, after getting hit by a car when trying to cross a street.



It said:  “The post-accident convalescence of Winston Churchill necessitates the use of alcoholic spirits, especially at mealtimes.  The quantity is naturally indefinite but the minimum requirements would be 250 cubic centimeters.”  (That’s roughly 250 milliliters, or 8.5 ounces.)



2.  There are 114 countries in the world with at least one McDonald’s.  Countries without one include Jamaica, Iceland, Iran, Russia, and most of Africa.



3.  The average American eats 110 pounds of potatoes a year.  That’s more than any other vegetable.



4.  The original title for the movie “Cruel Intentions” was “Cruel Inventions”.



5.  Kurt Cobain picked the song name “Smells Like Teen Spirit” because a friend told him he smelled like teen spirit . . . and he thought it meant he was a revolutionary.  But she meant he LITERALLY smelled like Teen Spirit deodorant.


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