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The Random Rundown


        1.There have only been four outdoor games in NBA history.  All of them were preseason games, and the Phoenix Suns played in all four of them.  The most recent one was in 2010.

       2. The city that’s made the most bids to host the Olympics without ever getting one is Detroit . . . they’re zero for seven on their bids.  Their most recent one was in 1972.

London is the opposite.  They’ve made four bids and they’ve gotten the Olympics every time.

        3.Giraffes are 30 times more likely to get hit by lightning than people. True, there are only five well-documented fatal lightning strikes on giraffes between 1996 and 2010. But due to the population of the species being just 140,000 during this time, it makes for about 0.003 lightning deaths per thousand giraffes each year. This is 30 times the equivalent fatality rate for humans.

        4.Animals can experience time differently from humans. To smaller animals, the world around them moves more slowly compared to humans. Salamanders and lizards, for example, experience time more slowly than cats and dogs. This is because the perception of time depends on how quickly the brain can process incoming information.

        5.The fear of long words is called Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. The 36-letter word was first used by the Roman poet Horace in the first century BCE to criticise those writers with an unreasonable penchant for long words. It was American poet Aimee Nezheukumatathil, possibly afraid of their own surname, who coined the term how we know it in 2000.

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