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Big Game By The Numbers


Here are all the useless facts that you need . . . or don’t need . . . to know in order to enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday:

1.  Six:  Number of Super Bowl appearances by the Kansas City Chiefs, counting this year’s game.  (3 wins.)

2.  Eight:  Number of Super Bowl appearances by the San Francisco 49ers.  (5 wins.)

3.  One:  Previous Super Bowl meeting between Chiefs and Niners.  Super Bowl 54 . . . Chiefs won 31 to 20.

4.  71,835:  Number of fans expected at Allegiant Stadium.

5.  $1.1 billion:  Expected boost to the local economy.

6.  $275:  Projected spending per Super Bowl tourist on food and drinks over four days.

7.  $299:  Lowest daily hotel rate in the area.

8.  $10,752:  Average price of a ticket on the resale market.

10.  35%:  Percentage of people who say they’d give up drinking for a year to attend the Super Bowl in person.

11.  14:  Number of people who attend the average Super Bowl party.

12.  112.2 million:  Number of people who will either throw or attend a Super Bowl party.

13.  1.45 billion:  Number of chicken wings that will be eaten.  Also, 10 million pounds of ribs, 11.3 million pounds of potato chips, and 250 million pounds of avocados.

14.  35%:  Increase in pizza orders.

15.  50 million cases:  Amount of beer sold.

16.  90%:  How much more beer is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than the average day.

17.  18.8 million:  Number of people who will miss work the day after the game, resulting in $9.2 billion in lost productivity.

18.  $1.3 billion:  Amount that will be legally wagered on the game.

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