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The Random Rundown


1.  Kobe Bryant’s full name was “Kobe Bean Bryant.”  He was named after Japanese Kobe beef . . . his parents saw it on a menu.  “Bean” was a shortened form of his father’s nickname “Jellybean.”



2.  The bestselling fiction author in history is either William Shakespeare or Agatha Christie.  They’ve both sold somewhere between two billion and four billion books.



3.  Liechtenstein has won the most gold medals in the Olympics . . . per capita.  Their population is around 40,000 and they’ve won two golds . . . that’s about one for every 20,000 people.  America has 1,175 golds . . . but just one for every 280,000 (living) people.



4.  The black box on an airplane is usually bright orange or red, not black.  They were originally black, but that made them harder to find after a crash.



5.  Alicia Keys played one of Rudy’s friends on “The Cosby Show”.

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