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The Random Rundown


1.  Every kiss begins with K.  (Happy April Fools’ Day!  But, also, for real . . .)



2.  The Sara Lee slogan isn’t “Nobody does it like Sara Lee” . . . it’s actually, “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.”  (Here’s an old ad, and a more recent one.)



3.  Target’s logo isn’t just a red dot inside a red circle, it’s . . . a TARGET.



4.  The Arby’s slogan is “We have the meats.”  It was never “We got the meats,” despite what some people insist.  They may be misconstruing it with “We got the beat.”



5.  You know the logo for Fruit of the Loom underwear?  It’s always been a collection of fruit, but there’s NEVER been a cornucopia, as a lot of people THINK they remember.  (It’s an example of the Mandela Effect.)

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