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Luke Combs, Dasha, & Morgan Wallen



In today’s Honky Tonk Truth, Luke Combs sheds some light on a rumor about his tour, Dasha talks about her music, and Morgan Wallen is running into some more bar trouble.


  • It’s been rumored that Luke Combs brings a PGA Tour golfer on the road with him for lessons. And it’s kinda true. Luke’s admitted that he flies in a PGA Pro on a pretty regular basis. That’s a PGA-certified teacher not a Tour Pro like Tiger Woods. According to Luke its what touring looks like once you’re too old to party.


  • Dasha is gaining popularity with her song “Austin” and talking with her she shared why her music is so special to her:


  • Morgan Wallen’s new bar is set to open this weekend for Memorial Day. And while it is still on schedule for that opening, the bar has just been denied permission to put up a 20 foot neon sing with his name on it. While they had all the proper paperwork and dimensions completed the Nashville City Council turned it down because they don’t feel Morgan properly represents the city. There is already another sign on the building, this one just would’ve been a bigger second one hanging over Broadway.

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