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The Random Rundown


1.  There’s a common belief that NINE out of 10 restaurants fail in their first year.  A 20-year study found it’s more like 17%, or one in six.



2.  Ronald Reagan was going to pick Gerald Ford as his running mate in 1980, but Ford refused to just be vice president . . . he wanted him and Reagan to be CO-PRESIDENTS.  Reagan considered it, but he went with George H.W. Bush instead.



3.  The 2000 NBA Draft was so bad that advanced statistics show the players from the draft collectively made their teams lose a total of 17.3 games more than they would’ve without those players.



4.  Ulysses S. Grant’s middle name was . . . Ulysses.  His real first name is Hiram.  He swapped his first and second names when he was registering for the military, because he didn’t want to be known by the initials “H.U.G.”

But the “S” was mistakenly added when he got in because his mother’s maiden name was Simpson . . . making his initials “U.S.”  That led to him picking up the nickname “Uncle Sam.”

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