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The Random Rundown


1.  The Florida Panthers defeated the Edmonton Oilers to win the NHL’s Stanley Cup on Monday.  That means it’s now been 31 years since a Canadian team has won . . . dating back to 1993, when the Montreal Canadiens defeated the L.A. Kings.  (There are 32 NHL teams . . . seven are based in Canada.)



2.  There are only two countries in Africa that have never been colonized by a European country:  Liberia and Ethiopia.



3.  Each M&M takes up to 16 hours to make.  Of course, they don’t make them one-at-a-time . . . Mars is able to make one BILLION M&Ms every day.



4.  The “root” in root beer is referring to the root of the sassafras tree . . . which isn’t even used in the modern version of root beer, since it was banned by the FDA for having potentially dangerous chemical compounds.



5.  Coors wasn’t available east of the Mississippi until the 1980s.

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