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The Random Rundown


1.  Kathleen Turner was nine months pregnant when she did the voice of Jessica Rabbit in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” . . . one of the hottest cartoons in history.



2.  The car company Jaguar was originally called S.S. Cars Limited.  But they changed the name in 1945 to make it clear they weren’t connected to the Nazis.



3.  Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson were supposed to record an entire album of duets together in 1983, but Freddie bailed because Michael kept bringing his llama into the studio.



4.  The highest scoring word you can play on the FIRST turn in Scrabble is . . . muzjiks.  That’s a word for Russian peasants, and will earn 128 points.  Of course, you’d have to randomly start with those exact seven letters, so it’ll probably never happen to you.



Although it DID happen to a guy named Jesse Inman at the National Scrabble Championship in 2008 . . . sort of.  He played muzjiks using a blank tile for the “U” as his opening word for 126 points.



5.  Lighters were invented in 1823 . . . three years before matches.

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